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Storm overflows are safety valves built into the combined sewer system to discharge excess sewage to rivers, lakes, or the sea when rainfall exceeds capacity.

The deadline for comments is: 12th May 2022.

The consultation website states:

‘Tackling storm overflows in England is a government priority. It is an issue which has received significant public attention and the government is firmly committed to a step change on action to protect public health and the environment from storm overflow discharges. We intend to produce a Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan by September 2022, as required by the Environment Act 2021, to outline our vision. This will set clear and enforceable targets that the water industry must meet. This consultation seeks views on the targets and other core elements of the Plan in advance of its publication’.

Here is the website to take part through an online survey:

Potwell Dyke attenuation scheme planning application

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Newark Advertiser press release February 2022 Neil Clarke, Chairman of the Transport and Environment committee said: “I am pleased to confirm that the proposed Potwell Dyke attenuation scheme planning application has now been submitted. “If approved, the scheme will go a long way to holding back water during flood conditions – something which is much… Read more »

Potwell Dyke flood alleviation project off Church Street (consultation until 11th February 2022)

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The planning application for the final major flood mitigation work under the Southwell Flood Alleviation Scheme is now live. This follows months – actually years – of detailed surveys, research, technical engineering design work and consultations to create a bund on Potwell Dyke to help protect properties from the Potwell overtopping. There were many environmental… Read more »

Pond Life in Southwell – Squires and Edward Cludd Ponds

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Southwell Town Council is committed to improving biodiversity and with this in mind we are focused on enhancing Squires and Cludd ponds, in the beautiful War Memorial Recreation Ground. Part of the watercourse begins at the natural spring at Edward Cludd pond near Southwell Minster School, and runs into the Potwell Dyke, eventually reaching Squires… Read more »

National Flood Forum webinars

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National Flood Forum has been arranging a series of zoom meetings during lockdown with a series of expert speakers. Topics covered a range of relevant topics including ‘Working with local Councils’, ‘Weather forecasting’, ‘Digital maps’, ‘Riparian owners and management’, ‘Natural Flood Management’, ‘Working with water companies’, ‘Planning framework’, ‘SUDS and adoption’. These have been immensely useful… Read more »

Beneath the Waterline – the personal ‘cost’ of flooding

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Phiala Mehring has experienced flooding and is heavily involved in flood risk alongside her day job. She is PhD researcher at Reading University – her original research project was “Get your water out of my lounge: Understanding institutional constructions and public perceptions of flooding and flood risk management.” She has done further extensive research on… Read more »