Be aware + be prepared = Community Resilience

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It’s over a year since the last mammoth Community Resilience and Training event at Brackenhurst. Since our Emergency Plan Co-ordinator, James Parker left Southwell last October, we have been reviewing the Road Closure Scheme and looking at ways to improve Community Resilience – not just for flooding but for any emergency incident. We’ve organised some… Read more »

Presentation to the Flood and Coast Conference – March 2017

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Tim Farr, Chair of Southwell Flood Forum gave a presentation at the Flood and Coast Conference on March 29th 2017 at Telford and was on the panel for a question and answer session on “What can organisations do to work better with communities?”. The presentation also includes suggestions on the way forward. The Conference was… Read more »

A talk on Southwell, The Greet and Anglo-Saxon approaches to the modern flood threat

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Drawing on place-names and the earliest historical records for Southwell and the surrounding area, Dr Richard Jones, Associate Professor in Landscape History at the University of Leicester, will give a talk on Anglo-Saxon understandings of water and its management, and what lessons we might draw from their knowledge of the landscape today. This fascinating subject… Read more »

Slowing the Flow Talk – 2nd February 2017

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About 100 people attended the very interesting and enlightening talk which generated many questions and concerns. Jillian stressed Josh’s project is purely about using land at Brackenhurst at the moment and that engineered mitigation is still being planned by Nottinghamshire County Council with Government Grant-in-Aid funding. A scheme to hold back water in Springfield Dumble… Read more »

National Flood Forum Bulletin – December 2016 – personal experiences

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Read here of people’s experiences in the National Flood Forum’s bulletin. No doubt many in Southwell will understand and empathise. “A year after the Boxing Day floods that destroyed homes and businesses across northern England, we bring you this special bulletin and share the stories of those people who suffered. The devastation caused by Storms… Read more »

“Slowing the Flow” – a talk on Southwell’s first natural flood management project to help reduce flood risk in the town- 2nd February 2017

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The first project to help reduce flooding in the town has been completed by Josh Wells, a PhD student at NTU Brackenhurst who is working with hydrologist Dr Jillian Labadz and the Environment Agency, together with Stuart Smith (Smith JCB Hire of Southwell) who has dug long and hard in difficult circumstances to complete the… Read more »