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Radio 4 ‘Start the Week’ – Monday 9th December 2020

Flooding remains a risk in many parts of the country this winter.

Andrew Marr explores the impact of water on communities.

The engineer David Lerner argues for the extension of the policy of daylighting – opening up rivers covered over by the Victorians. He says Britain’s towns and cities have a lot to learn from Zurich, which was an early pioneer in recovering streams from underground. The social and environmental benefits in Zurich are evident. Torrential rain in November forced many people across the country to leave their homes.

The writer Edward Platt looks back at the effect of the record-breaking floods of 2013-14 and the toll it took on those caught up in the deluge. He talks to those responsible for trying to keep the water at bay, and asks what can be done to protect the vulnerable.

The artist Tania Kovats’s work is preoccupied with our experience and understanding of water and the landscape. From collecting water from a hundred UK rivers to sculptural forms cast in wetsuits, and to the study of the drawing of water, Kovats places water at the centre of her creativity.

The journalist Leaf Arbuthnot looks at the growing evidence for the benefits of wild swimming, even in the cold winter months. For all the danger of living close to water, she asks whether time spent near coastal and river environments is the secret to a happier, healthier life.

Southwell Flood Alleviation Scheme is taking shape

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Report from Nottinghamshire County Council – November 2018 Vice-chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Communities and Place Committee, Councillor Phil Rostance tells how the £5m Flood Alleviation Scheme to transform Southwell’s flood defences is now gaining momentum We know that flooding devastates local communities. Southwell has of course suffered repeated, extensive flooding in recent years. Which… Read more »

National Flood Forum Bulletin – December 2017 – community input to National Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM)

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The Christmas message from National Flood Forum includes some key points we and other community groups made toward the Environment’s Agency scoping exercise to determine future strategy. It also includes a message from Bob Haddon, one of the finalists (like us) in the Flood Re Local Heroes Award Read the bulletin here December 2017 Bulletin

Southwell could gain £350,000 for flood work

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A grant of £350,000 could be given to Southwell over the next three years towards work to reduce the risk of flooding. Nottinghamshire County Council has applied for the money from the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. It was approved in principle by the finance sub-committee and will now go to the main Trent… Read more »

DEFRA and DECC publish their departmental plans 2015-2020

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The Defra 2015-2020 plan   Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs publishes its departmental plan for 2015-2020, outlining priority areas in flooding, air pollution and wildlife diversity  The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has released its five-year plan for delivering a cleaner, healthier environment while encouraging growth and prosperity in the UK’s… Read more »