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Feel free to explore the map and feed back to us your thoughts/experiences. (

This initiative is based on a webinar arranged by National Flood Forum on the Pang Valley Flood Forum’s interactive online map.

It is way to represent our town in an accessbile interactive way that will help residents, authorities, planners, Flood Wardens view and understand our environment and how it reacts in a flood event.

We have a super team who’ve started work in collaboration with Lowdham to build the GIS (Geographic Information System) map.

Holger Kessler – geology and technical interests

Steve Rogers – archaeology and flood warden

Jacky Huson – admin

Liz Walker – wide local knowledge of watercourse and catchment

Russ Blenkinsop (Lowdham Flood Action Group) – lead on their mapping

Keith Hurrell – drone pilot

Nottingham Road area video in dry weather

Springfield Dumble bund and river restoration