Southwell could gain £350,000 for flood work

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A grant of £350,000 could be given to Southwell over the next three years towards work to reduce the risk of flooding. Nottinghamshire County Council has applied for the money from the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. It was approved in principle by the finance sub-committee and will now go to the main Trent… Read more »

UK government plans for more extreme rainfall

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8th September 2016 The UK’s new flood defence plans anticipate significantly higher extreme rainfall, after new research was published as part of the government’s National Flood Resilience review. The government, which had been criticised for not taking full account of the impact of climate change in driving up flood risk, will now plan for 20-30%… Read more »

Fears grow over danger of flooding around the UK as inquiry is shelved

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Extract from The Guardian 5th August 2016 Experts warn that time is running out to prevent similar devastation caused by last year’s floods as National Flood Resilience Review is delayed This government review, launched to pinpoint ways to prevent a repetition of last winter’s devastation, has just been postponed. The National Flood Resilience Review, chaired… Read more »

Helping to reduce flood risk in Southwell – a developer’s view

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The old Rainbow freight yard at the Burgage, Southwell provides a very good example of the opportunities presented by the redevelopment of previously-used sites in helping to tackle local flood risks. Built before modern planning laws came into place, all the hard-surfaces within this former industrial site added to the load on local drainage infrastructure,… Read more »

The Life Scientific (Radio 4) – Carolyn Roberts – 22.3.16 on “problem solving in watery places”

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Barely a month goes by without news of another catastrophic flood somewhere in the world, like the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 or the flooding of New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina a year later, and the role of climate change is often mooted. Here in the UK this winter, flood victims were once again caught… Read more »

DEFRA and DECC publish their departmental plans 2015-2020

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The Defra 2015-2020 plan   Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs publishes its departmental plan for 2015-2020, outlining priority areas in flooding, air pollution and wildlife diversity  The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has released its five-year plan for delivering a cleaner, healthier environment while encouraging growth and prosperity in the UK’s… Read more »