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Join a project to build a community understanding of flood risk in Southwell


We are delighted to have been approached by Shaun Maskrey, a PhD student at The University of Nottingham, to participate in a pilot method of flood modelling which involves local people in decision making.

We understand this will prove very advantageous to help shape the way forward for managing our flood risk and will show our funders that the community is committed to work towards that aim.


Shaun carried out informal ‘exploratory’ interviews with some local residents and stakeholders to gain an understanding of our flood risk. 

He thanks those who participated to discuss views on flood risk, how the project will work, and to get a baseline of the understanding that currently exists.  He was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of knowledge and experience that exists in the community, and the networks that have been set up by the Flood Forum to facilitate bringing people (and knowledge) together.

Gathering your views proved really interesting and he appreciated that people gave time to meet with him. He hope that his project can provide an opportunity for furthering these discussions, and bring flooding back up the community agenda.


Residents have take part in workshops that constitute the participatory element of the project.

They appreciate the benefit of being involved and having a voice in reducing our flood risk.

The workshops were designed such that if you could only commit to a share of the workshops, participants could still pick up from where the group left off, understand the stage the process is at and feel comfortable to contribute to it.

All workshops were held locally in Southwell:

Workshop one : 21st January

January Workshop Agenda









Workshop two: 26th February

February Workshop Agenda





Workshop three : 25th March




Workshop four : 29th April




Workshop five : 28th May


Shaun is happy to provide more information or answer any specific questions you may have.

  1. You may contact him by e-mail
  2. If you would rather talk it over in person then please feel free to ring him on 0115 9515383 (8am – 3pm) or 07887 398337 (any time).