Nottingham Road. Westhorpe, Fiskerton Road Winter 2019

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Nottingham Road Culverts

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The culverts under Nottingham Road and Hallougton Road have been inspected by Nottinghamshire County Council and apart from a temporary sign and two kerb stones which are going to be removed the flows through the culverts are not impeded as the photographs below show. These culverts handle water coming out of “Springfield Dumble” which runs… Read more »

New homes flood fears

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Further concerns have been raised about a project to build 40 homes in Southwell after recent flooding. The town council’s planning committee renewed its objection to plans to build on land off Halloughton Road, despite amendments to the scheme. Councillors, who previously said the proposed homes were unsuitable, added strong concerns about the suitability of… Read more »

Drains could not cope

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THE area’s flooding problems were discussed by Southwell Town Council planning committee on Wednesday. Members said drainage problems in the town were to blame for last week’s flooded roads in the town. Mr Graham Ball said the Co- op store and the health centre on The Ropewalk had balancing tanks that pumped the water into… Read more »