10 measures that must be taken to prevent more flooding in the future

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1.  Introduce better flood warning systems 2. Modify homes and businesses to help them withstand floods 3. Construct buildings above flood levels 4. Tackle climate change 5. Increase spending on flood defences 6. Protect wetlands and introduce plant trees strategically 7. Restore rivers to their natural courses 8.  Introduce water storage areas 9. Improve soil… Read more »

‘Unprecedented’ storms and floods are more common than we think’

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Press Release from University of Cambridge, issued by the British Society of Geomorphology Flooding experts say flood risk has been ‘grossly underestimated’, putting lives at risk The recent ‘unprecedented’ flooding in north-west England might be more common than currently believed, a group of scientists has warned. A team of experts from the Universities of Aberystwyth,… Read more »

Where Have All Our Gardens Gone?

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Urban Britain is paving over its front gardens. Lawns, hedges and hollyhocks are being replaced by tarmac and car ports. Each garden may be tiny, but with over 50 million front gardens in the UK, the numbers really add up. It’s an environmental problem, quite literally on our doorsteps, and Jheni Osman is finding out… Read more »