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The Watercourse Volunteers continues to make sure our dykes, ditches, dumbles and drains are in working order. Across town from the Southwell Trail, along Potwell Dyke where, sadly after all the volunteer efforts, dumping of garden waste still goes on, to Westhorpe.

While helping residents clear the Intake Dumble of fallen trees and debris, volunteers are in training for the Tug o’ War on 19th July.

At Fiskerton Road and Crink Lane they worked with allotment holders to dig out dry ditches and unearth drainage pipes that NCC will now clear for water to run into an existing natural holding pond, which should slow down surface water run-off into Easthorpe.

At Halam Road the volunteers cleared a ditch to enable rainwater to flow into the balancing pond on the Norwood Estate.

Sessions are at weekends and if you have an environmental or conservation project, need help with your riparian responsibility or want to take part in the Tug o’ War contact Liz.