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In partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Environment Agency the group has recruited and trained over 60 Flood Wardens

Some of these Wardens have attended additional practical training as Road Closure Wardens with site specific risk assessments.

These theory and practical training sessions are obligatory in order to fulfil the requirements of the Nottinghamshire County Council who devolve legal authority to trained Road Closure Wardens to close specified roads when pre-determined triggers are met.

During the Community Resilience Day on May 15th 2016, the training sessions were video-ed and can be viewed by existing Wardens to refresh their training and by prospective new Wardens prior to attending a practical session which completes/refreshes their training.

See full video including talks by Dr Bajracharya and Cllr Gynn Gilfoyle here

Wardens need to refresh their training every 12/18 months and this training will be recorded to update NCC”s records.

Training sessions include

IMG_3149 IMG_1097 Road Closure Training43 IMG_3138

If you are interested in being a Warden, please contact us or phone Jacky on 01636 815739 or 07971 443684