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We need to recruit ‘Trigger Spotters’ who live near trigger points

Trigger points are locations where, when flood or watercourse water reaches a pre-determined height, the road closure scheme is ‘triggered’ and set in motion.

There are areas where the trigger point is remote from the closure point e.g. on Nottingham Road (for Brackenhurst closure location) so we need people living near the trigger location who can liaise with the Wardens near the road closure point on the status of water levels.

Refer to the  Southwell Road Closure map for Road Closure points and huddles.

Residents living on Nottingham Road, Becketts Field, east end of Halloughton Road
NOTT and WEST huddles (for RC points 1-5)
Trigger – Potwell Dyke water covers the road on A612 near the Pelican Crossing (outside the Minster/Leisure Centre)

Residents living on Halloughton Road near the Potwell Dyke
WEST and NOTT huddles (for RC points 6 and 7)
Trigger – water covers the road to kerb height on Halloughton Road.

Residents living on Halam Road, Dudley Doy Road
WEST and HALM huddles (for RC points 8-10)

Trigger – Water covers the road to curb height on Halam Road, close to Dudley Doy Road.
Residents living on Kirklington Road, Glenfields and south end of Woodland Drive
KIRK huddle (for RC points 11 and 12)
Trigger – Water flows from Glenfields across Kirklington Road

Residents living on Lower Kirklington Road (between Norwood Gardens and The Burgage), north end of The Ropewalk
LKR huddle (for RC points 13 and 14)
Trigger – Water reaches kerb height on Lower Kirklington Road

Residents/office staff living/working on Station Road, Mill Park, Greet Lily Mill, west end of Riverside
STN huddle (for RC points 15, 16a/b)
Trigger point – (Greet River) Water covers the road to kerb height on Station Road or Normanton Road
Residents living on Newark Road, north end of Burgage Lane, entrances to Meadow View, Greet Park Close, Marrison Close and Templeman’s Way onto Newark Road
NEW huddle (for RC points 17 and 18)

Trigger – Potwell Dyke bursts is banks and water flows onto Newark Road
Residents living on Church Street, Harveys Field, Palace View
CHET huddle (for RC points 19 and 20)
Trigger – Potwell Dyke bursts its banks and water flows onto Church Street