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Newark Advertiser press release February 2022

Neil Clarke, Chairman of the Transport and Environment committee said: “I am pleased to confirm that the proposed Potwell Dyke attenuation scheme planning application has now been submitted.

If approved, the scheme will go a long way to holding back water during flood conditions – something which is much needed to over 100 protect homes further downstream from flooding.

The proposed works include constructing an earth bund to the edge of the dkye and significant work has gone into the planning of this bund to minimise its visual impact and maintain the open views from Church Street.

The open space in which the bund will sit will keep the current public access to the area including the existing football pitches.

The scheme would mean the removal of the existing, more visually intrusive fencing, which would be replaced with parkland style estate fencing.

Another important feature of the scheme is the extension of species rich grassland and the enhancement of the wildlife pond within the Higgon’s Mead, which will bring significant ecological benefits to the site.

In the lead up to the submission of the planning application we have continued to engage with key interest stakeholder groups to ensure that the impacts of the proposed scheme have been properly assessed and mitigated through the detailed design development.”

To have a look at the full details of the application and have your say visit Nottinghamshire County Council – Development Planning

Further illustrative plans and views have been uploaded on the Project website, where information about the wider Southwell Flood Project  can also be found Southwell Flood Risk Management Project | Nottinghamshire County Council

Coun Clarke added: “I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the ongoing development of the scheme for their valued input and would urge people to have their say in the consultation which will run until 11 February 2022.”