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It’s hard to believe that building work is still being considered here when the area was so badly flooded in July. There was evidence of flooding 60 metres into the field. The footbridge at the NW corner was ripped from its anchoring and lifted 4 feet or more into the air.

SFF had been given to understand that NSDC had sensibly decided to await the outcome of the Flood Study, which is now underway, before allowing any such high risk schemes to be considered.

The floor level of the houses themselves will be high (600mm above 1:100 flood event), to avoid potential flooding of interiors, but development on this land will increase the risk of flooding elsewhere from surface water run-off over increased hard-standing plus extra load on the drains and watercourses.

In addition, some of the proposed dwellings are very near the bank of the Potwell Dyke. Following at least 140 hours of determined work by the Watercourse Team  to tidy up the debris in this area from the last flooding, access to the dyke may be limited which could hinder the work to ensure it is kept clear at all times.

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