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We’ve all found ourselves in unprecedented times with COVID-19 over the last few months.

Many of us are at still at home more and looking for ways to keep busy. Everyone’s cleaning the car or the patio more, and making their gardens look lovely, all of which uses a lot of water.

It’s been quite rainy recently so the demand for water hasn’t been as high, but we were seeing water consumption increase by as much as 40% a few weeks ago when the weather was hotter.

It meant that we were creating and pumping more treated water than ever before in our 30 year history to your taps.

So we’re launching a new high water use alert system for those hotter periods throughout the rest of the summer.

New water alert system to save water

Our new alert system will text you to let you know when we see those high demand spikes again in your local community.

We’ll turn up our treatment works to full capacity again but it takes us 12 hours to treat and pump water to your home.

We’ll therefore also ask you to pull together as a community and temporarily stop using high usage water devices for short periods. We’ll contact you by text to activate the alert

We’ll send you a text to trigger the alert and it will ask you to temporarily stop using things like hoses, sprinklers, jet washers and paddling pools.

You’d be surprised at how water-hungry devices like this are, for example:

  • Hoses and sprinklers use around 1,000 litres an hour
  • Paddling pools hold 400 litres, roughly the same as three people’s average daily use
  • Jet washers use over 2,000 litres per hour

We hope not to have to put out alerts very often, but if everyone pulls together for just a few short days, we’ll to be able to prevent any issues throughout this unique summer.

If you already have an online account with us, you should log in and update your contact details to make sure we have the correct mobile number for you.

If you haven’t previously registered, you can sign-up for an account and add your current contact details when you register.

This will help us make sure we’re able to send you the alert system text message.tic