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The Southwell FRAMES Pilot

Trent Rivers Trust (TRT) led the Southwell Pilot project, which sought to improve flood resilience in Southwell through natural flood management (NFM) intervention and community engagement.

During its three-year lifespan Southwell’s FRAMES project improved flood-risk resilience in the present day and for the future.

On Trent Rivers Trust website you can read about the project’s successes, impacts, and lessons learned.

TRT_Southwell_FRAMES-newsletter (pdf version)

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the wonderful work by Trent Rivers Trust.

We’ve had some heavy rainstorms in the last year during which other communities in Nottinghamshire sadly suffered.

Apart from some road flooding, the urban drainage system coped – we deduce, along with time-lapse evidence of the storage ponds, that NFM interventions helped to retain run-off upstream to ‘slow the flow’.


FRAMES event 15th February 2020, Newark Showground – Flood Risk Management for the next decade

Dave Sheard and Shani Lambert present on community resilience work in the FRAMES project

Dr Josh Wells presenting the Natural Flood Management work done by Trent Rivers Trust in Southwell.


Paul Cobbing presenting “It’s about people, not stuff”


These short interviews from people at the event cover integrated approaches to flood risk management which have been used to reduce flood risk and increase community flood resilience.

Features people known to us – Dave Sheard (SFF Emergency Planning), Dr Josh Wells (Trent Rivers Trust), Paul Cobbing (CEO National Flood Forum)