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Councillor Phil Rostance, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Vice Committee Chairman for Communities and Place said: “As a lead local flood authority, Nottinghamshire County Council is committed to taking an active role and continues to work closely with partners, including local communities, to mitigate the local flood risks across the county.

“In Southwell, Via – the County Council’s highways partner – and their sub-contractors have undertaken site investigations and surveys to inform their design process. With the support of the Southwell Project Board Via has made significant and diligent progress in the development of the detailed designs and will continue to keep focus on delivering these.

“Initial works will be focused in the Halam Road and Southwell Trail areas.

“Properties initially identified by the Southwell model as still being at risk after the engineering options are delivered and therefore the most vulnerable in the community have been offered a home Property Flood Resilience survey. 70% of these are now complete and works will be commencing in July.

“Additional options in development are focusing on the Springfield Dumble, Attenuation on the Potwell Dyke and a catchment wide surface water management plan.

“Lowes Wong sustainable drainage scheme is currently out to tender, with works on site due to commence in August.

“I am committed to updating local people and will update again with information on the planned construction works which are expected to run into 2020.”