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This event showcased the comprehensive work that the two Project Officers in the European funded FRAMES project, Josh Wells and Shani Lambert are achieving in Southwell on Natural Flood Management and Community Resilience

Dave Sheard, Lead on the Southwell Flood Forum’s Community Resilience and Emergency Planning team gave a presentation on the Southwell Road Closure Scheme, Communications Hub, Water Safety and personal preparedness

Dave’s presentation on Emergency Planning 2019

Shani Lambert, Community Flood Project Officer with National Flood Forum explained the background to the FRAMES programme and how it related particularly to Southwell with her projects on working with Southwell Flood Forum, Estate Agents and Riparian Owners plus organising events, raising awareness in schools and the community.

Shani’s Presentation – Community Resilience 3 April

Josh Wells, Project Officer with Trent Rivers Trust explained how he has developed further natural flood management interventions (bunds, leaky barriers, buffer strips, afforestation, farm track water diversions) installed by the Trent Rivers Trust to temporarily retain water within the upper parts of the catchment

Josh’s Presentation – Natural Flood Management 3 April

Nottinghamshire County Council were unable to attend the meeting, so Shani spoke about the flood risk management work which involves installing retrofit SuDS across the whole site at Lowes Wong School

Lowes Wong presentation 3 April