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Flood victims claim they have been let down by a lack of help towards preventing future damage to their homes.

Residents of Harvey’s Field, Southwell, said little progress had been made to solve simple problems that would prevent their homes from flooding.

Three homes suffered £1/2m-worth of damage when Potwell Dyke burst its banks after heavy rain in June 2007.

Residents believe better maintenance of the dyke could prevent flooding.

They want a concrete bridge across the dyke in Minster Fields — which has two large pipes to allow water to pass through — replaced with a bridge with large culverts, or a sunken bridge.

The pipes under the bridge were blocked with debris in 2007, causing water to flood the neighbouring field and run into homes.

Residents also want a small mound of soil erected to redirect water from the field back into the dyke, and a proper maintenance of the watercourse by the owners.

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