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Peter Allen holding a discussion of the floods on Radio 5 Live, with an audience and panel including

  • Government Floods Envoy Robert Goodwill MP (on the telephone, he was not in the room with the audience)
  • York and Leeds City Council leaders (Judith Blake and Chris Steward)
  • Shadow Floods Minister Alex Cunningham MP
  • Architect Robert Barker (Aquatecture
  • Friends of the Earth (Dr Anna Watson)
  • Co-op insurance (Gary Hueting, Chief Operating Officer)
  • NFU
  • Dr Jillian Labadz, Nottingham Trent University


  • Community hubs and Flood forums – (34 mins  to 58 mins)
  • Dredging …..1 hour 20 mins and various other times after
  • Uplands and catchment planning about 1 hour 29 mins in…..(then taped info re Pickering at 1 hour 37) and peat moorlands at 1 hour 43 mins
  • Flood barriers and standards of protection 1 hour 51  – national water transfers and new reservoirs used for both flood and drought…….mixed views
  • Catchment planning and need to view rivers as national assets/infrastructure – Alex Cunningham MP – 1 hour 55mins
  • Housing developments and floodplains – 1 hour 57
  • Government Flood Envoy Robert Goodwill MP – 2 hours
  • Criticism of Sir Peter Dilley (Chairman of EA) – 2 hours 23mins – but support for EA generally
  • Flood proofing houses – 2 hours 26 mins