Nottingham Road Culverts

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The culverts under Nottingham Road and Hallougton Road have been inspected by Nottinghamshire County Council and apart from a temporary sign and two kerb stones which are going to be removed the flows through the culverts are not impeded as the photographs below show. These culverts handle water coming out of “Springfield Dumble” which runs… Read more »

© Newark Advertiser - Thank-you lunch for the Potwell Dyke volunteers at the Hearty Goodfellow

Volunteers thanked for flood response

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Volunteers who helped to clear out Southwell’s Potwell Dyke following July’s disastrous floods enjoyed a slap-up pub lunch as a thank you. Members of Southwell Flood Forum gathered at the Hearty Goodfellow on Church Street, where they enjoyed soup, sandwiches and drinks. Church Street was among those worst hit by the flooding after the dyke… Read more »


3D Topographic Map of Southwell

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This 3D map created by Kath and Andy Wimble shows just how Southwell sits in a valley with the dumbles that flow into the main water-course – the Potwell Dyke. It also shows the secondary water-courses which flow from Halam Hill and Norwood Park. Photographed by Chris Knapton, Richfield Industrial In an interview with the… Read more »


Helping to stem the tide

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Residents worked together to hold back a potential flood after a warning was received for Southwell. They rallied to clean out a dyke after receiving an alert from the Environment Agency that there was a possibility of flooding when a severe weather warning was issued. Mr Mark Bertolini, chairman of Southwell Flood Forum, also called… Read more »


Dyke Clearing Day

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Nothing like the weather warning  to stir people into action! Southwell Flood Forum Chairman, Mark Bertolini made a last minute decision to “do something” to help clear the huge amounts of debris that was washed down stream a month ago and was slowing down the flow of the water course.   The flood alert the… Read more »

Dyke could not cope

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Heavy rain overwhelming drains and sewers, and the overflowing of the Potwell Dyke were the main contributors to flooding in Southwell in July, according to the results of a survey completed by residents. Surveys from affected homes have been collected by Southwell Flood Forum and the Potwell Dyke Flood Group. The results suggested the Potwell… Read more »

2013 Flood Questionnaire to Download

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There is now also a downloadable version of our questionnaire if you prefer to print out and fill in, rather than completing it online. Please download either the PDF version or Word Document version at the links below.