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It’s over a year since the last mammoth Community Resilience and Training event at Brackenhurst.

Since our Emergency Plan Co-ordinator, James Parker left Southwell last October, we have been reviewing the Road Closure Scheme and looking at ways to improve Community Resilience – not just for flooding but for any emergency incident.

We’ve organised some bite-sized ‘How to..’ events

  • complete a Personal Emergency Plan
  • pack a grab bag
  • keep safe in a flood incident
  • understand the Road Closure (RC) Scheme and how it will affect you.

The events will also include training for new and existing Flood and Road Closure Wardens.

The sessions are relevant for all, including those not at risk of flooding. They are particularly useful for those living near one of the Road Closure points – see your Southwell Community Resilience Handbook or our website.

On the day, you can decide if you’d like to help in some way or become a Flood or RC Warden and are welcome to stay on for the Warden practical training and videos on Warden roles, safety and assessing flood risk

In partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council, these events will take place at Southwell Fire Station on

  • Monday 10th July at 18.30
  • Saturday 15th at 16.00
  • Sunday 16th July at 16.00

We invite you to view the training videos before attending the event, although we will be showing them after the programmed sessions.



A. Registration. Refreshments available (15 mins)

B. Personal Emergency Plan and Grab bag session (15 mins)

C. Information on RC Scheme including Communications Hub, weather watching (30 mins)

You may leave at this point if you do not wish to be a RC Warden but you are invited to stay and watch the video.

Sessions D and E are obligatory for RC Wardens.
The video F is obligatory for RC, Flood and Potwell Close Wardens.
**If you have watched it beforehand, you must sign the register to that effect.

D. Manual handling of signage (20 mins)

E. Warden Kit check and update (10 mins)

F.  Video – Flood safety and RC Scheme – the four 15 minute modules will be shown/repeated after C till the end of the event.


You can book your free place on the “Community Resilience and Warden Training” event in one of the following ways:

1) Visit the booking page for the date of your choice

2) Email us with the date of your choice and your details.

3) Phone Jacky on 01636 815739