The Community Emergency Plan is an important element in building Community Resilience in Southwell.

What is Emergency Planning?

Emergency planning should aim where possible to prevent emergencies occurring, and when they do occur, good planning should reduce, control or mitigate the effects of the emergency. It is a systematic and ongoing process which should evolve as lessons are learnt and circumstances change

An Emergency Plan will have many benefits –

  • Provide coordination, support and guidance to the community ahead of the arrival of the Emergency Services
  • Help share local knowledge during a flood event to assist the Emergency Services
  • Help relay local knowledge, concerns and issues to relevant authorities and utilities before and following a flood event

The Southwell Community Emergency Plan is being developed in partnership with Southwell Town Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Environment Agency.

The group roughly follows the objectives of the Civil Contingencies Act in its approach to working.

If you would like to find out more about the Civil Contingencies Act 2013 you can do by visiting the Cabinet Office website here.

  • The plan will assess the risk of flooding in Southwell, based on actual experiences to inform contingency planning.
  • In partnership with Southwell Town Council, the plan will include information for residents to prepare themselves and provide a co-ordinated response which will assist the emergency services.
  • It will focus on the welfare of people, identifying vulnerable people and groups and help to maintain the local infrastructure.
 It will identify key contacts and resources within town
  •  It will identify places of safety for residents, schoolchildren and other vulnerable groups should an evacuation be necessary
  • It will identify places of safety for residents, schoolchildren and other vulnerable groups should an evacuation be necessary
  • The plan will be updated annually and continue to be developed to include information on Business Continuity arrangements and other emergencies such as power outages, heavy snow etc.
  • In order to implement the Plan and disseminate information to the community, there will be a communication system using a network of Street Reps, Trigger Spotters, Flood Wardens and Road Closure Wardens with a Communications Hub based at the Town Council.

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Group Members

Robert Fisher, Dave Sheard, Jacky Huson, Richard Morgan and David Martin

If you would like to contact the Community Emergency Planning group you can do by emailing