We value the information you may have supplied via our Survey Form regarding your flooding experiences, particularly at a time when you may have been dealing with the aftermath of the impact of this disaster.

The strength of the Southwell community’s response has enabled us to engage with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC), the Lead Flood Authority, and lobby authorities and agencies to take action towards helping Southwell to recover from the flooding and be better prepared for and protected from future events

We are delighted that NCC has commissioned a Flood Modelling Study following the guidelines in the Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) which will provide “understanding of the mechanisms of surface water flooding, propose mitigation measures and identify ways to implement them.”

The SWMP stresses the importance of engaging with the community “to extract useful information and local knowledge”, as well informing the community about flood risk and understanding how alleviation measures may help.

The key difference that we can make to this study is to make sure that local information and knowledge we have as a community is effectively used in this study. It is therefore now necessary to pass on the data you may have already provided in order for the commissioned Consultants to have accurate and detailed information of the depth, location and speed of the floodwaters on 23rd July.

If you have previously completed our questionnaire, please click here to email us and allow us to share your information with the Lead Flood Authority and their consultant Engineers.

I agree

Confidentiality statement from NCC

Information is being requested from the Southwell Flood Forum on the flooding that occurred on the 23rd of July 2013 and past flooding, which will include information on specific properties affected by flooding.

The County Council will use this information to inform the Flood Investigation taking place under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) and Flood Study work under the overall Flood Mitigation Plan work. The County Council will take all reasonable steps to protect this information.

It is not the intention of the County Council to pass this information onto others for commercial gain e.g. Insurers.

The County Council will need to share this information with the Consultants working on their behalf for the purposes of informing the above work only.