Southwell Fire Station, Newark Road

Book here for Saturday 18th  November

or email us with the date of your choice and your details.

or phone Jacky on 01636 815739

On a personal level and for the benefit of the community as a whole, join the event to ensure you, your family, friends and neighbours know how to be prepared for an emergency incident.

Residents – join whichever sessions interest you on being prepared, keeping safe in a flood incident and understanding how the Road Closure Scheme will affect you.

Flood Wardens – please attend sessions 2 to 4 to ensure you understand how to keep yourself and your neighbours safe in a flood incident and how to support the Road Closure Scheme.

Road Closure Wardens – sessions 2 to 6 have been arranged to both train new Wardens and refresh existing Wardens’ skills. Please bring the kit that you have been issued with so far. We will have stocks of Manuals (with updates), torches, waterproof notebooks and gloves for those who haven’t received them yet.

There’s no obligation to join up as a Warden – this event aims to offer everyone the chance to be informed about Community Resilience. The event may help you decide if you’d like to be involved in some way or become a Warden and we would welcome your interest.

15.45 Doors open. Refreshments available.

  1. 16.00 to 16.15 – Registration and Warden Kit handout
  2. 16.15 to 16.30 – Personal Emergency Plan and Grab bag session – Southwell Flood Forum
  3. 16.30 to 16.45 – Information on Road Closure Scheme- Nottinghamshire County Council
  4. 16.45 to 17.00 – Introduction to Water Safety – Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
  5. 17.00 to 17.25 – Manual handling of signage – theory and practical – Nottinghamshire County Council
  6. 17.25 to 17.30 – Questions